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Six Sigma applies to every phase of operations and marketing - from product planning to customer satisfaction. Six Sigma methodology extends to literally all aspects of doing business, including the optimization of cycle time, faster responsiveness to customer inquiries, cost-management, maintenance, inventory management and other crucial business activities.

Toshiba is BIG with Six Sigma

Our MI program is a major initiative that seeks to achieve excellence in global business by utilizing tried and tested Six Sigma Methodology. Standing firmly committed to the tenets of Six Sigma, we have made the data-driven decision making environment of Six Sigma the professional goal of every individual in our Toshiba six sigma.

The closer we get to our goal of becoming the number one consumer electronics manufacturer, the harder and more efficiently we have to work to attain that position. We also have KPls for every key function from design to order entry to a production team to the final systems. Once a design has passed these tests, production in our factory is vigorously regulated for consistent, dependable quality.

Operational Excellence Operational Excellence principles are our foundation and our core building blocks in everything we do. Change is always gradual, constant and necessary.

Instead of focusing on large, capital-intensive improvements, Kaizen focuses on creative investments that continually solve Toshiba six sigma numbers of small problems. Change may be induced, self-driven or speculative; and no matter what, if it has been thought about, it should be considered for implementation.

Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc. We use kaizen events as our core methodology for continuous improvements. Our Six Sigma initiative will push us to ensure the Toshiba brand continues to live up to its reputation for quality. Our goal is on creating a customer-centric and data-driven corporate culture that rigorously strives to increase customer satisfaction and create and add value for our parent company by continuously improving our development processes through innovative development of new products and services driven by the vision and mission of our parent company, Toshiba Corporation, Japan.

Kaizen involves setting standards and then continually improving those standards. The Six Sigma philosophy goes far beyond the delivery of virtually defect-free products, further mandating that managers and employees at all corporate levels scrutinize processes, analyze and rectify errors, and put measures in place to ensure errors do not re-occur.

These metrics are posted prominently and reviewed on a daily basis as an integral part of our PDCA Plan Do Check Act based real time quality assessment system. In addition, Toshiba has taken the lead in working with professors from Stanford and MIT to develop a new set of tools and methods, DFACE — our custom DFSS approach, that utilizes the voice of the customer to define new business opportunities based on unrealized or unsatisfied customer needs.

Consumers today are more educated than ever about home entertainment products, and they require not only the best possible products, but also the highest level of service in all phases of our business.

Toshiba Launches Six Sigma Performance Improvement Program

To help set higher standards, Kaizen also includes training, materials and supervision needed for employees to achieve the higher standards and maintain their ability to meet those standards consistently. This program focuses on creating a customer centric and data driven corporate culture that rigorously strives to increase customer satisfaction and create value for our customers by continuously improving business processes and through innovative development of new products and services driven by the voice of our customers.

While large capital projects and major changes will still be needed, Kaizen will also improve the capital projects process, but the real power of Kaizen is in the on-going process of continually making small improvements that will improve processes and reduce waste.

Lean Manufacturing principles are used in the entire life cycle of the product from design to order entry to production, shipping and after sales service. This policy rests on four principles, namely customer first, utilization of leading technologies, systematic quality processes; and employee participation.

All materials, information and tools are available at the point of use and dedicated supply chain and engineering resources are assigned to teams to ensure maximum uptime. In a Six Sigma-rated work culture, knowledge of processes and the power of Six Sigma to create a culture of continuous improvement lie in the many ways work processes can be constantly improved and enhanced, by educating our employees in new ways of understanding processes and solving problems consistently.

The company is currently in the process of training all its management personnel in Six Sigma methodology, with a directive for all employees to apply Six Sigma to their everyday job functions.Passed Toshiba’s Lean Six Sigma process Speakeasy Passes Lean Six Sigma, Produces Annual Savings of $, One unexpected benefit is that Speakeasy passed the company’s Lean Six Sigma, a methodology that relies on a team effort to improve performance by routinely removing.

Six Sigma, we customized Six Sigma into Toshiba as MI methodology. We mainly used DMAIC to solve the current problems, and for new process or product creations, Toshiba developed its unique DFSS (=Design for Six Toshiba Management Innovation Deployment Author: Ishiyama Kazuo.

Toshiba's Management Innovation Program is a major initiative that seeks to achieve this by utilizing Six Sigma Methodology. Six sigma method and its applications in project management. Paper presented at Project Management Institute Annual Seminars & Symposium, San Antonio, TX. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute.

Toshiba Launches Six Sigma Performance Improvement Program, Widescreen Review Webzine features new blu-ray reviews, home theater equipment reviews, and updated news daily. [Practices] Management Innovation: A Six-Sigma Culture The divinity of Six Sigma: Data won't lie.

Toshiba pioneered Management Innovation (MI) based on the core methodology of Six Sigma.

Toshiba - A Six Sigma Culture

Our MI program is a major initiative that seeks to achieve excellence in global business by utilizing tried and tested Six Sigma Methodology. Our goal is on.

Toshiba six sigma
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