Source g is an extract from a novel about evacuees essay

The boys seem to be contented, this is probably because they are evacuees and know that they are clear from any kind of danger, which is most likely to happen in the cities. The context of the source can also indicate whether the source is reliable.

History Course Work: Evacuation

They were also allowed one item that would comfort them such as a blanket or a teddy bear. They expected the evacuees to be rich and to have the utmost mannerisms.

Essay Sample on Source G is an extract from a novel about evacuees

Even though the story was based on a real event, it might have been exaggerated to make the story more dramatic. This is implying that the foster — parents are doing a great fob in caring for evacuees, but there is need for more foster — parents.

I also know that Nina Bowden enjoyed being evacuated. It gives the impression that she likes the children. Also, as the war escalated, a lot less food could get into the country.

I know that the majority of evacuees suffered neglection and mal-treatment. Bath time during the period of World War Two was very open like the photograph, there used to be public baths on street corners.

Evacuation during WWII – source based questions

We know this because in this source Mrs. The first angle to look at evacuation from is that of the evacuees themselves. This is another interview for a newspaper in may during the phoney he is obviously skeptical because no bombing raids had taken place, he thought his son was perfectly safe.

The children are happy with large smiles on their faces, because they know they are safe from falling bombs. The author wanted people to read her book, her motive was not to produce a factual account of evacuation.

Overall I believe that Source G has both reliable and unreliable aspects because it is a novel, which means that it is a made up story and therefore it is unreliable, however, the information included does back up my own knowledge which means that it is reliable in that sense.

They were most probably afraid to talk because they had not been told where they were going and if they were ever to return back home. Firstly, the organisation of evacuation was not always as orderly as Source B shows it.

The key limitation is related to the provenance of the source.


The extract tells the story of Carrie who is evacuated to the countryside to live with Miss Evans who seems a very nice and caring person.

Many host families in those days stereotyped evacuees to be poor, dirty and working class and this often caused misunderstandings. The final paragraph, at the bottom of the page, written in bold, is similar to a final goodbye as it is rounding up the main point of the advert, but it seems more desperate in the search for foster-parents.

The interview was done in after the war. Therefore this source is a secondary source due to the fact that it was told many years after the event. They are carrying luggage and from my knowledge I know they would also be carrying gas masks and wearing identification labels.

However with it being written by an ex-evacuee, the novel becomes slightly more credible because she will have based a lot of the story on her own experiences. From my knowledge and both sources I know that evacuation was a huge success as it saved many innocent civilian lives.

We could ask would she want to lie about events. It shows children were safe in the countryside and having a good standed of living. For other evacuees it was the other way round. These are some of the negatives that may affect the accuracy for the historian.

The Blitz, which was a wave of attacks by German bombers, who dropped vast amount of bombs. This book is intended for a child which is a great way to make children learn about evacuation in an entertaining light-hearted way so some of the information collected may have been misrepresented to make it a suitable for the younger readers.

Also, many evacuees had problems with their hosts. Yes it would be useful but this is not the true story for many evacuees. Nevertheless, when understanding and considering the word Novel, it is assumed that the story may stray away from the facts, as to accumulate more readers. The content of the extract appears to be similar to a realistic experience evacuees may have when first meeting their hosts.

Source A is from a textbook, it explains what happened when children were evacuated. In conclusion both sources are useful for different reasons.

People who saw this advert during the Second World War would have enrolled immediately with the local Authority. All sources positive and negative things about evacuation. Its primary aim, therefore, was to protect the vulnerable and important from German bombing.In this essay, I am going to examine Source G and decide whether it is a reliable Source as evidence about evacuees.

To do this I will examine the Provenance, Audience, Content and Tone of the Source. Source G is an extract taken from the novel ” Carries War” by Nina Bawden. Is it reliable as evidence about evacuees? Explain your answer using Source G and knowledge from your studies.

5 Marks. Source G is an extract from the novel Carries War by Nina Bawden written in nearly 30 years after WW2, therefore it is secondary evidence. 2) Source G is an extract taken from a novel. Is it reliable as evidence about evacuees?

Source G is taken from Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden, which was published inabout the adventures of a girl called Carrie, who was evacuated in the Second World War. Essay Sample on Source G is an extract from a novel about evacuees share This extract has a certain degree of reliability as it gives us one insight of what host families and evacuees were like when they met.

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Evacuation in Britain during the Second World War Essay

Is it reliable as evidence about evacuees? Explain your answer using Source G and knowledge from your studies.

The first factor to support its unreliability is that as a Novel the characters and. - Evacuation The sources all show different attitudes tot the evacuation of children, some show that evacuation was a great success, however some show that it wasn't such a success.

They all show this in different ways-pictures, interviews with the parents and teachers, advertisements and novels so some evidence is more reliable then others.

Source g is an extract from a novel about evacuees essay
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