Sims 3 how to write a report on computer

The money is deposited noon every Sunday automatically. You can also send your Sim to a writing class at the business building in town. Money from writing comes from turning in chapters really just like a bonus and in the form of Royalty Checks. The next part of her quest is to turn in her findings back to her client.

Jacklyn collects a service award from City Hall for her efforts. Profit Per Page simone23 at our forum pointed out to me that I had some old info here. Anyway, Jacklyn shows up, and the game helpfully shows me that this is, indeed, the correct place: She draws a weekly stipend like Samson, and also will get cash from successfully completing cases.

Being a detective is odd in that there are no work hours: Jacklyn can easily break in and get some evidence. This one is pretty simple: There are lots of factors that can boost the odds that your Sim writes a best selling book: As it is, with nothing more to do, Jacklyn works on her logic a bit until a call comes in for a new case.

Jacklyn decides to get a little extra bit of boost by going to the police station. Your mileage, of course, might be a little different.

Try to have fun up to the point that the Sim is having a blast to help with this. Making Money with Writing You should be able to make a nice living for your Sim with writing. Simply open the Opportunities Panel in the main interface.

Though she is a private detective rather than a government-paid cop, she can still do low-level police work in the police station for some extra experience and cash.

Learning Writing in the Sims 3 The best way to learn writing is to be write novels. You can always go into Edit Town mode temporarily, find your target, then get back into the game and do what you need to do.

The thing with these interactive careers is, although there is no minimum of any given skill level to gain job experience, having as much of the skill as you possibly can will lead to the fastest promotions. However, we need to point something out here: There are plenty of wish opportunities for books read, so this will help get those lifetime reward points.

Doing this is like having a conventional job for her: Masterpieces were never the best to write on a profit-per-page basis. Jacklyn can opt to do no cases for a week, or as many as she can cram in. Roughing up informants is just part of the job, or so she says.

After selecting it, Jacklyn sets up shop and just watches. Seems like turnabout is fair play here. Now, the open hours of the job really pays off here. Edit Detective With his success as a firefighter, and the large emptiness of his mansion, Samson starts feeling lonely.

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Again, this is a simple command: Jacklyn heads home and gets back on her computer. A stereo can provide a boost to mood, even better if you take the care to change the station to their favorite.

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Anyway, she has to hold the stakeout position for several hours, doing literally nothing else. A list of novel types will appear. Refine may actually increase the rate at which your Sim learns writing though, so if your Sim is only a level or two away from writing a particular type of book, you could use it.

Apparently, her client had his computer hacked, and lost some files. I never use refine writing skills, because the Sim could be working toward that wonderful 25 total book mark.Write review; Sort Results 1–6 of 6. 1; 1 stars quite clearly 99% of people downloading won't have The Sims 3 on their computer.

This means that /5(6). Jun 02,  · Then you need a computer. Using the computer, go to writing then write report or something like that. It will bring you to a menu of which sim you wish to write a report about. select the sim and your sim should start writing the report!86%(75). Apr 07,  · The Sims 3 Wiki Guide.

and I am alerted that she can now write a report about it.

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(Getting the wish to do doesn’t hurt either.) but when I go to the computer, I can’t find the command. Writing could refer to: Writing (The Sims 3) Writing (The Sims 4) The Writer skill career in The Sims 3.

The Writer career in The Sims 4. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point.

Join The Sims 3 community to share ideas with fans of The Sims from around the world. REPORT. Video Content. The video content is inappropriate as I have had the benefit of having Sims from the beginning I just like Sims 3 better.

Works better on my old computer also. I like the Sims creator and the ability to change textures and /5(K).

Sep 13,  · Hi I just got The Sims 3 and I got one of my Sims to be a police department and now he has to write reports. I went on the computer but nothing came up about writing a Resolved.

Sims 3 how to write a report on computer
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