Second grade activities on writing an opinion

One student had the brilliant idea to cross out the ones that were already used. Those are shown below. I typed their responses into a four seasons web that projected on my screen: We started our opinion writing unit this week.

Then, students wrote a paragraph I use that term loosely here choosing one recess activity and giving reasons why they like it. Click on the images below to download and print. For this project, we added transitions as our final publishing step to get our projects ready to share.

How to Teach Opinion Writing

After doing the whole group brainstorming of activities students can do at recess, pairs went off to come up with their reasons. Should we be allowed to download our own apps on the iPads the school gave us?

Opinion, Reason, Example, Opinion. If they use them often enough, they get into the habit of starting with a topic sentence, writing detail sentences, and ending with a conclusion.

This just gave them one more way to practice. Use sentence frames to state an opinion On day two, I introduced students to using sentence frames to state an opinion. Mint should stop making pennies. I also put up an editing example and have them help me correct it.

She did an awesome job using the sentence frame, but the rest of the sentence was missing a few components to make it clear. As we continued to practice, different organizers were introduced.

The organizer below is my favorite to use once the students are more familiar with the structure of opinion paragraphs. State an Opinion Goal: They were actually complete sentences! My goal for this day was to introduce the concept and emphasize the need to state an opinion and supply reasons.

Second Grade Writing Activities

This was such a fun project for my second graders. I said it twice, so that the first student could get it and so that the second student had some thinking time. I cleaned up the writing a little bit, but used mostly their writing with a few other more difficult ones thrown in.

I then had students go back to their table groups and play a board game. Plus, I felt that students really need to write each and every day, not just practice the component state an opinion we were working on for the week.

I still have a few kiddos who are having difficulty coming up with reasons.

2nd Grade Opinion Writing Worksheets

Now for the fun part Then we matched the reason to the correct opinion. I love drafting on PowerPoint or Word because students get immediate feedback for many of their mistakes. A couple weeks into our persuasive writing unit and I have already seen a lot of progress from our very first efforts.

It was a very simple board game where they flipped over a card, gave their opinion using a sentence frame, rolled the die, and moved a marker.

Opinion / Persuasive Writing Prompts

Other teachers in my building use the resources for their grade level as well. While students were writing, I circulated the room and made sure each student had used a sentence frame to state their opinion. After answering, we came back whole group and I called on a few students, emphasizing the different sentence frames they chose to use.

A great one to have in your classroom is: I like to have my students do a small group Fan-N-Pick activity after our research.

Graphic Organizers for Opinion Writing

I can work with that. Should all peanut products be banned?Let your students work up an appetite for writing with this opinion writing prompt. First students will consider their favorite food while they fill in the structured pre-writing planner, then they can use the second page to write their opinion essay.

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Feb 12,  · Opinion Writing in Second Grade ~ The Four Seasons PowerPoint Project My second graders and I have had so much fun writing about the four seasons with our opinion writing project! Last year, I was based partially in the computer lab and partially in another It's the little things.

Second Grade Writing Activities. Check out these writing activities for 2nd grade! Kids will love these creative ways to diagram plots, differentiate fact from opinion, learn verb tenses, and more. Explore Jessi Todd's board "Writing-opinion" on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about School, Teaching writing and Teaching handwriting. My kids find this Second Grade Opinion Writing Self-Evaluation tool developed by Karen Bain very useful!

writing activities. This Opinion Piece Handout called "Or" by The Teacher Next Door will help. Opinion writing lessons (reviews and persuasive letters), writing rubrics, printable writing paper, posters and visuals, graphic organizers for planning, and more - .

Second grade activities on writing an opinion
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