Police brutality and how it affects society

The Impact on the Victims By Tom Ryan - Updated February 22, Defined as unmerited, excessive and aggressive abuse, police brutality is a phenomenon that causes irreparable harm to its victims. One factor that makes PTSD more likely is whether another person, such as a police officer or prison guard, inflicted a trauma.

The tactic used, a choke hold, was prohibited by department regulations and the death was ruled a homicide, though a grand jury declined to indict the officer responsible.

Reclaiming Children And Youth, 22 1 For related blog posts, check out our blog series on law enforcement in communities of color.

This in turn increases the doubt and uncertainty.

Police Brutality And Its Effect

These hidden wounds that adults and youth of color experience are worn like invisible weights. Ed ; Liang, C. It causes them to be less willing to call the police if anything bad happens to them. It has also occurred where people fight the police and fuel more violence.

Inthe N. The riots resulted in the deaths of 53 people. A child steals a purse from a lady on a corner. Media makes it seem that the child stole it just for personal gain.

Police Brutality: The Impact on the Victims

Whether you are a White, Black, or Hispanic child, opportunity for you to assist me in the National Youth Rights Campaign is available. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani answered to the verdict by stating "Probaly until the day I pass away, I will always give officers the advantage of the doubt.

Other than the generalized reactions to police brutality, there are plenty of specific instances where one could see the great affect that it has on a community. Our community has focused on Police Brutality for a very long time. This may include taking steps to engage in activism or self-care strategies such as spending time with family.

Creating space allows an open dialogue with our communities about race. In most major towns over the country, agents abuse their administration in the most flagrant ways. Police agents are often glimpsed as a slim azure line of defence between lawless persons and law-abiding citizens.

But Scott, from me to you, I will not let that happen. In light of these recent events, many people have witnessed these traumatic incidents through social media or participation in marches in their cities. Create Space for Race: Those who believe this often engage in arguments with the opposing side, who believes that the police force is simply doing their jobs and only resorts to assault when there are no other means possible to stop the criminal.

Abner Louima, 30, was in such a position in According to the early policing values imported from the 19th years England, it is a need of centralized command which types a corruption in America when Because of this, there are numerous accounts where some of the general public may think of police brutality as a racist concept in which police officers are targeting minorities on purpose.

Then there are conservatives raising the argument of African American Crime Rates. The officers fired 41 shots total, killing Diallo and, while they were acquitted of all brutality charges, this case — and others like it — remains notable.

In other words, I am saying that society has failed our children. Take it and run with it.

Racial Trauma is Real: The Impact of Police Shootings on African Americans

This has caused a significant amount of apprehension with those who have a police officer in their family or friendship circle. With there being so many different viewpoints on the subject, it has caused society to be at odds with each other.

Impact of Police Violence on Public Health

By naming these experiences we give individuals a voice to speak on them and also recognize how they impact them. Cultural, racial, and ethnic psychology book series pp.

According to the state advocate general, Elliot Spitzer, policemanman under-report their explorations, and the genuine number is likely five or ten times that amount. In some cases, the community also experiences the impact of police brutality on its victims.By Kelly McCool, Trending Writer In recent times, there have been a lot of cases in which police officers are found guilty of brutally assaulting criminals—sometimes even killing them in the process.

This has caused American society to join in to rather large arguments. There are many people, who find police brutality to be a.

The recent shootings in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and Dallas have exposed many individuals and their families to incidents of police brutality that reminds us that as a society work needs to be done to improve police and community relations.

The impact of Police Brutality on our society

Police Brutality and its Effects on Society essaysPolice Brutality and its Effect on Society Police brutality is a complex phenomenon, which has widespread effects on today.

Police Brutality and Its Effect Police Brutality and Its Effect Police Brutality and Its Effect on How Citizens View Police Introduction Police brutality in the United States is nearly an everyday part of life.

police brutality has today's society questioning the general police department and how their arresting procedure is done. Police brutality is an everyday occurrence in cities especially where large communities of colour are concerned. Police brutality affects everyone, such as the government, police, organisation and the public, and this proposed study is aimed at preventing future brutalities and improve police-society working relationship.

Police brutality and how it affects society
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