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Research projects need to be taken for course credit, and you must submit the appropriate paperwork in order to get registered. The thesis proposal should include: However, if you do choose to apply, you should be ready and willing to participate in challenging, high-level academic research.

This exam may be oral or written, at the discretion of the committee. For York dissertations and theses written from to They are usually written as part of the requirements for a graduate degree e. Law dissertations are held in the Law Library; most others are held in Scott Library.

The full-text of most York theses and dissertations submitted between and can be downloaded for free. All changes to the composition of the committee must be approved by the DGS and the Chair.

Search the library catalogue. Students are required to form a depth exam committee and have the committee, an exam topic and a tentative date approved by the Director of Graduate Studies by the end of the first semester of their second year of studies, This exam may be taken no more than twice.

The breadth requirement is designed to ensure competence across three broad areas of computer science: When you find the entry, note the call number and location. The PhD admissions and financial aid committee decides in which cases support is discontinued.

For York dissertations and theses written between and the present that were never microfilmed or have some form of embargo restricting access: If a student fails to maintain good academic standing, his or her support may be discontinued, and the student may be removed from the program.

The scope of this exam should be similar to a typical PhD-level special topics course. You can search by title, author, or keyword. If you have additional questions, please contact uc. Once a student has passed all courses and exams necessary to satisfy the breadth requirement, the student must inform his or her academic advisor in writing, specifying how each of parts 1a, 1b, 1c, and 1d has been satisfied.

A quick location guide is provided below.

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Complete 36 credit hours at NYU not used toward any other degree. What are the criteria for acceptance? It should not be as broad as an introductory course nor as narrow as a thesis. Academic standing To be in good academic standing a student must meet the deadlines for all requirements specified in this document and maintain the required minimal GPA.

The committee must include at least three members. This determination will be made by the DGS. Within theory, the topic of algorithms is a requirement for every student.Explore New York University Get Started.

Ph.D. Degree Requirements

Jump to Top Links. Journalism’s Faure Wins Student Academy Award for His Thesis Documentary. About NYU. Academic Programs. Physicists Develop New Techniques to Enhance Data Analysis for Large Hadron Collider.

NYU. Theses & Dissertations Theses and dissertations are extended scholarly essays that incorporate original research on a specific topic.

They are usually written as part of the requirements for a graduate degree (e.g. MA or PhD).

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Database capstone projects involve topics such as design, concurrency control, interactions, and tuning. These projects include some or all of the following elements: formation of a small team, project proposal, literature review, interim report, project presentation, and final report.

When a student is ready to start work on the PhD thesis, the student must (i) select, with the approval of his/her research advisor and the DGS, a thesis reading committee, and (ii) submit a written thesis proposal to the committee.

Founded in springthe Stern Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) database connects NYU Stern students with world-renowned Stern faculty.

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All dissertations completed at NYU are indexed in the online database Dissertations and Theses Global. Users who wish to access NYU dissertations, especially dissertations completed sincewould be best served by searching this database.

Nyu thesis database
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