My teaching philosophy as an educator of children

I think that teaching and learning are a reciprocal processes. Thus my approach to teaching reflects this philosophy and I have developed and use many techniques that are designed to engage students in their own learning.

I will allow children to become responsible members of our classroom community by using strategies such as class meetings, positive discipline, and democratic principles. Quality literature supports quality comprehension instruction.

Sample Teaching Philosophies

Guidelines of sensible and responsible behaviour make children aware of the consequences of the choices and actions they make. It is the educator who sets up the environment with age-appropriate props and play areas to offer opportunities for discovery.

I believe that taking the time to rewrite lectures, add new material, and revise lesson plans is something that all teachers must do on a regular basis.

My Philosophy of Early Childhood Teaching

I believe that brain development is critically influenced during these early years in order to form a broad spectrum of social, cognitive and motor skills that will last over the course of their lifetime. This leads me to be able to maintain an atmosphere that is positive, peaceful and productive.

The first is with a very detailed and clearly stated syllabus. I am prepared to rise to the challenges of teaching in the 21st century, and I promise to try to provide an honest, well-rounded education to every student I encounter.

Once a standard is set, it should be adhered to throughout the remainder of the quarter. I find that when I can convey my own enthusiasm for physical science, it is often contagious enough that students become engaged in learning.

This philosophy is based upon their own belief system and their understanding of how best to ensure a quality education for the students in their care. Academic learning must begin with motivation and inspiration. Overall Value of My Teaching Role in the University Setting One of the main reasons why I decided to pursue a career in academia was so that I would have the opportunity to work with future generations of speech-language pathologists and educators in an instructional capacity.

I value dramatic play, block building, dance and movement, and the many forms of literacy play. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of student learning, I strive to implement strategies that create a collaborative and safe atmosphere and encourage the application of knowledge to new situations.

At heart, I am a behaviourist and aim to refine my ability to influence children through their cognition. I believe all undergraduate students should leave this university armed with the ability to critically think.

I believe teaching is the most important service I provide to the Central Florida Community, because I am helping to educate a generation to function knowledgeably in a society where rapid technological advances constantly pose new questions and ethical challenges.

Every course I teach is really seen through the lens of information processing skills needed to be effective in use of the best available evidence for practice. I want children to love coming to school each day.-Confucius My personal philosophy of education is most closely related to constructivism, which is a theory based on the thought that learning is student led and teachers are the facilitators of children’s learning.

Within this type of learning students are required to be active thinkers, explainers, interpreters and questioners (Woolfolk. My philosophy of Early childhood education is based on research that indicates that a child’s growth is developmental. Every child is unique in terms of life experiences, developmental readiness, and.

Every educator has their own philosophy on teaching that guides them throughout their professional career. This philosophy is based upon their own belief system and their understanding of how best to ensure a quality education for the students in their care. Sample Educational Philosophy Statements Sample #1 My Philosophy Statement on Education.

I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. Return to writing a philosophy statement Philosophy of Teaching Robert M.

Anthony Graduate Teaching Associate Department of Sociology Winner of the Graduate Associate Teaching Award As I reflect upon my academic career, it is clear that my pedagogical stance has.

An educational philosophy statement or teaching philosophy, is a statement that all prospective teachers are required to write.

This statement can be very difficult to write because you must find the "perfect" words to describe how you feel about education. This statement is a reflection of your.

My teaching philosophy as an educator of children
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