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Kiva or transportation e. Then the network architectures will be statistically analyzed in order to establish relationships between product diversity and network structure.

For example, it can help for last-mile shipments, which are becoming more and more problematic mostly due to the high growth of e-commerce. Please send your complete application as a single pdf document to Maryam Nouri Roozbahani. The starting point will be a survey of publically available databases about company sizes and infrastructures.

What are the main functional differences e. Attempting to distribute the colors based on local decisions only generates coloring dynamics, which are a minimal model of autonomous Master thesis logistics see, e.

As an example, in Hao et al. The thesis project aims at improving the reports generated by a planning for different audiences functions in the company.

In the physical world, two systems can spontaneously synchronize with respect to each other even if there are only small physical interactions. We Master thesis logistics then assess its feasibility and inform you about whether or not we are willing to coach it.

The goal of the project component described here is to analyze the database from Beber et al. During your master thesis you are expected to take part in the master colloquium OPM In a series of small investigation we want to understand this phenomenon more deeply and apply the findings to manufacturing.

A unifying language for the description of traffic, production, and metabolic systems. Qualitatively speaking, this quantity determines, how easy scheduling is on the graph. What do efficiency and robustness mean in each class? Advances in Complex Systems 18, A Comparison of Due Date Performance Indicators One of the most important logistics objective of companies is schedule reliability, i.

The purpose of this project is to perform a literature review of these quantifiers and then compare them using a small set of reference networks with varying amounts of linearity.

Airbnb is also possible, you can come up with your own ideas. It is still unclear how manufacturing system characteristics impact synchronization.

Production & Logistics Networks

Logistics Research, 5 While there is no standard way of measuring the linearity of a network, a rich set of network quantifiers has emerged over the last years addressing aspects of this question. Stanislav Chankov Crowd Logistics: Such representations can help comparing diverse systems.

European Physical Journal B 86, If that option is not available, customer dissatisfaction is inevitable. Previous work on evolved flow networks Beber et al. Such networks tend to fall into two classes: This project asks, how different types of synchronization termed logistics synchronization and physics synchronization in Chankov et al.

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Kickstartermoney-lending e. The purpose of this thesis is to study synchronization phenomena present in supply chains. Please approach him directly in case of any questions. Using an existing simulation model, different experiments are run to generate data. This article aids production managers in designing and optimising production systems, and supports further empirical research in production planning and control and production system design.

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How does the network architecture facilitate such avalanches? How do production systems in biological cells maintain their function in changing environments? Crowdsourcing practices have been successfully used in other key economic fields such as:Molde University College - Specialized University in Logistics offers programmes in Logistics, Economics and Business Administration, Management, Sports Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Care.

This page provides the information of international master programs in logistics. All master theses are carried out in close collaboration with industry.

If you have your own idea or suggestion for a Master thesis project, we will help you! Available projects. Master Theses. We welcome students to engage in state-of-the-art research projects. Find research opportunities below!

Do you like to suggest a topic of your own? Current Bachelor & Master Thesis Topics The Production & Logistics Networks Workgroup is currently expressly not offering any more thesis topics except the ones listed below. If you are interested, please read the hints on how to write a thesis with the PLN workgroup and.

Contact Schools Directly - Compare 44 Master's Programs in Logistics / ers. If you write a master thesis without consulting the literature, then you have written an essay, not a research report.

As a general rule, your master thesis will be stronger if you use a.

Master thesis logistics
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