Ib history course outline

Responses to the New Culture: CAS is available only to Diploma Programme candidates. You will have tests, essays, quizzes, presentations, comprehension questions based on reading, and seminars to name a few. For details of the skills that the Texas Education Agency is wanting to be developed in students of History, please click here Course Content: Robber Barons, Trusts, and Holding Companies 3.

Causes and Status of the Great War 2. Relocation, Concentration, Assimilation and Resistance 4. From earliest times, human beings have displayed a fundamental need to create and communicate personal and cultural meaning through art.

Ashcan School, Darwinism, and Pragmatism D. Please use commonsense and maturity and I will in turn treat you as the adults you are fast becoming. Although online reading may be given to you, you should try to break the habit of studying just from the internet.

Organizing the War Effort: Both students and their teacher must be willing to reflect critically on the diverse ways of knowing perception, language, emotion and reason and on the varied but interconnected areas of knowledge Mathematics, Natural Science, Human Sciences, the Arts, History, and Ethics.

I want you to be an active and knowledgable participant! City Life and the Impact of Industrialization 1.

Engagement in the arts promotes a sense of identity and makes a unique contribution to the lifelong learning of each student. Foreign Policy in the s: Crisis in the s: IB assessment is based on the three exams papers and one piece of coursework- the Internal Assessment IA.

Depression and World War A. Grangers and the Reaction to Urban Corruption 5. It is not enough to simply listen to lectures and remember a few names and dates. There are too many subjects within IB and too many topics within History.

Critics of the New Deal: Minorities during the War 5. With respect to the last two bullets, a case study approach should be adopted, using one country from the region as an example. When the war ended, its impact was felt in the economic, social and foreign policies of the participating countries.

Please come to class prepared- both in terms of your materials and your pre-lesson reading. We will try to work on this so that you go to college with hopefully some mastery of these important life skills.

Make sure you learn to develop your reading skills- take time, concentrate properly and make notes for yourself as you read.

Renovating American Society 1.Hellgate High School. South Higgins Avenue, Missoula, MT The International Baccalaureate History of the Americas course is the first of a two-year program in history. Your senior year you will be enrolled in 20th Century World Topics under Group 3, Individuals and Societies, a Higher Level curriculum.

program. History of the Americas II is the senior year component and will focus on developments in the twentieth century in the United States and the world, with special attention to the I.B.

prescribed subject matter.

It is an advanced course requiring a high level of reading, writing, and analysis. IB Diploma Programme course outlines: History SL/HL Course description Standard and Higher Higher Only 20th Century world History chosen topics The Cold War Origins and development of.


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The IB Diploma Program History course of study is a two-year curriculum at the Higher Level, which consists of a core curriculum that includes a prescribed subject and topic of units.

Ludeman International Baccalaureate Programme Course Outline History of the Americas (Higher Level) Introduction This course consists of an in depth study of the twentieth century.


We will study significant world events, issues, and individuals, with special emphasis on the Americas (Canada, the United States, and Latin America).

Ib history course outline
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