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As shown in Document 7, the Han dynasty stresses a strong central government with many appointed governors to each district its dynasty possesses. Athens, located in Attica was rather small surprisingly, smaller then Rhode Island.

Pericles showed the importance for all men who are able to participate in government and politics. These two documents display how Han China and Classical Greece are different in their philosophies.

The Chinese economic classes consisted of six divisions whereas the Athenian economic classes consisted of four divisions.

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Athens vs Han China Dbq

Although in Document 6, the way anyone is in government is chosen by the heavens. There is no document that portrays a Chinese philosopher that may have his life in danger for the ideas he has.

Classical Greece looks at an individual as a key component in their daily life. This would allow one to know exactly the thoughts of a Greek philosopher and not only a Chinese philosopher.

Documents 2 and 3 show two excerpts from philosophers in both Classical Athens and Han China that agreed on class distinctions.

Dbq- Han China and Greece

Because Han China had a larger population and a greater size a land, no one could truly voice their own personal opinion. Han and greek dbq document 2, the Athenian philosopher Aristotle believed that those born into a higher status should not learn the trades of the lower classes.

The Greek civilization had developed a new form of government; democracy that contrasted from the bureaucracy in Han China. It also shows how many people were in each class, the class that had the most people were the slaves withConfucius also believed that people should support their family, whether they broke the law or not.

There is no document that portrays the take of a Greek philosopher simply on where an individual stands in the Greek state. Also displayed in Document 8, they way the government is set up, anyone who has his own business has business in Han and greek dbq government.

Despite these differences, both China and Athens believed there should be class distinctions between slaves and elite due to the differences in labor.

Han china thought that it is better to obey the rules but should always prefer family over government. Aristotle believes that the class and job that a person has must keep that and try to learn that of another because there will be no more distinction between the master and the slave.

During this period, Confucius lived and taught. Another difference Athens and Han China both had were population. Although these civilizations emerged nearly one thousand years apart, their philosophies were completely different, had various forms of governance, and had unique economic classes.

This type of government was effective because the central government was further enhanced by delegation of different areas. In document 9, a Greek philosopher names Socrates explains to one of his friends that citizens must obey and enforce the laws created by their government; if one does not obey those laws, then one cannot call himself a true citizen.

As shown in Document 2, there were as many free male citizens as free male non-citizens and about as many free females as slaves. In document 3, the Chinese philosopher Mencius told about the two distinctions of brains and brawn. Athens focused on the rights of the individual whereas Han China preferred dominance that used an imperialist approach.

For example, everyday life for the citizens. That said it is also easier to rule many people with a select elite. Socrates was thrown into prison because he was charged for not believing in the gods that everyone believed, introducing other gods, and corrupting the youth.

This would allow the reader to know what a Chinese philosopher would think about his place in society if he was questioned in what he believes in Document 9. Confucius believed that as long as an individual is a friendly and supportive then he is taking part of government.

Documents 2 and 3 show the population differences and document 1 compared the size of Attica and Han China. Aristotle believes this because he is a high class citizen and he does not want to change his class.

Han china believed family should support and protect each other, whether from the law or other problems. First, the thoughts of the numerous Greek philosophers were absolutely different from those of the Chinese philosophers.

Although Han China and Athens Greece were two major empires that both ruled around the same time frame. We will write a custom essay sample on Athens vs Han China Dbq or any similar topic only for you We will write a custom essay sample on Athens vs Han China Dbq or any similar topic only for you Order now It would have been helpful to have the maps the same size, also they could have showed the populations in the areas and where most people lived and where they traveled.

As shown in Document 12, the human is miniscule to the landscape around him, showing that the human is only a tiny piece in the civilization. In document 4, Pericles describes the Athenian form of democracy and a few of their laws. This would allow one to know the desires that a slave would have and why it would be better if he were able to move up in society.DBQ The ancient societies of Greece and China each produced a civilization remarkable for its time.

Dbq Han and Roman Technology

Although these civilizations emerged nearly one thousand years apart, their philosophies were completely different, had various forms of governance, and had unique economic classes.

“My earnest request is that you practice love and kindness whether you believe in a religion or not.”. Fake News Papers Fake News Videos. A Few Abbreviations. DBQ: Han and Roman Attitudes Toward Technology April 29, Note to teachers: This Annotated Rubric is specifically designed for the College Board’s AP World History course, but could also be helpful in any world.

Seaport codes around the World - IATA 3 Letter Sea Port Codes. Han And Roman Technology Dbq Han and Romans have split views of technology but also those of different class did.

As true in todays society, in Han.

Han and greek dbq
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