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He casted examples of farms with non-genetically engineered soya bean, contaminated with genetically engineered soya bean.

We have to influence the government and readjust these scales back into the interests of the consumer. These pathogens are easily transferred to consumers through contaminated food. Documentary Response Paper from smartessaywriters. Illegal Mexican immigrants are employed as workers for the primary reason that their labor cost is cheap and that the company need not spend on benefits.

Instead of blindly accepting what the food conglomerate hands us, we must learn how to question and demand for something better. Instead, consumers are given the false idea about how it is produced.

Kenner also created the impression that every food item on Food inc movie research paper market is contaminated. The same goes for assertions that Trans-Fats and High Fructose Corn Syrup are unhealthy while reviewing no evidence to support this assertion. However Kenner did not talk about this in his documentary.

The consumer must also understand the power of their voice and how this voice can push the companies to change and improve their production methods. The documentary demonstrates how the American food system changed with the advent of industrialization.

The interest of the food industry on genetically modified foods according to Kenner has not been approached with enough evidence and regulation. Our rights are being denied in ways that I had never imagined.

Alternately, chickens are raised in cramped chicken houses where they are given growth hormones so that they will develop faster and ready for production. Kentucky chicken-raiser Vince Edwards, a Tyson contractor, approves of the corporate method.

This marketing method gives the consumers a false image of how and what is behind the production of such items. What is even more interesting to point out is that these products are not properly labeled by the companies.

In that sense, this film deserves credit. By the time Food, Inc. If it is impractical to completely stop genetic modification of food then, there should also be closer scrutiny of these foods before they are approved for consumption.

Despite these gloom revelations, what is important to point out that we, the public, have the capability to put an end to all these. The true nature of this industry was exposed in the documentary film Food Inc.

She then investigated the facts of a beef industry whose drive for efficiency and profit has increased the incidence of E. In addition to this, he mentions the desire for efficiency in food cultivation and production at the expense of quality is responsible for the problems associated with food safety today.

In the s, the top five beef packers controlled just 25 percent of the market; today, the top four control more than 80 percent.

But the filmmakers carefully craft a fast-paced narrative that is informative and moving, as well as infuriating.

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More alarmingly, many of these products, including processed foods, fresh meat and produce, pose real dangers to public health and safety. If you could grow a chicken in 49 days, why would you want one you gotta grow in three months? And it was scary and shocking.

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Kenner could have communicated the risks of food contamination by making his message more consumer-friendly. Instead of a pastoral farm, products such as meat are actually processed in a huge industrial slaughter house.

Movie Review: Food Inc. – Directed by Robert Kenner Oscar

The government should also focus on the health of posterity instead of the growing profits of multi-national organizations. If eating is a personal behavior, consumers also have a role to play in choosing to eat what is healthy and demand accountability from the food industry.

Less obvious, according to Food, Inc. Be sure to ask for the special POV rate. Documentary Response Paper Over the last century man was able to perfect the process of mass food production.Reaction Paper On Food Inc.

movie is a documentary of how foods are being produced. INC. RESEARCH PAPER FOOD SAFETY/FOOD POISONING INOUR SOCIETY: After watching the film Food, Inc.

I gain knowledge on parts of. Free food inc papers, essays, and research papers. Food Inc. Research Paper Food Inc. I find that the movie Food Inc. would easily sway people/consumers away from major agriculture corporations and almost make them turn to organic and locally grown products.

Some parts of this movie I can see and know from hands-on experience that this movie is true, but this movie exploits all the negatives. We should take in consideration that every food that we eat can greatly affect our family in the future so start being aware.

Related Interests Documents Similar To. Food, Inc. is a American documentary film directed by filmmaker Robert Kenner. The paper's reviewer declared Food, Inc. "must-see", A reviewer for The Washington Times said the movie was "hamstrung" because few corporate executives wished to be interviewed by those documentarians.

Food Inc., now out in DVD, is a damning indictment of the inability of the profit system to provide safe and healthy food for everyone. Its political conclusions are terribly weak.

Food inc movie research paper
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