Essay on why the world is flat

NPOV says "Even with well-sourced material If the scientific establishment has marginalized him this is not really surprising. Instead of them having to prove that their view is supported by reliable and independent sources, they will shift the burden of proof over to you, so you have to prove either that their view is not supported, or even that it is refuted by reliable and independent sources.

They do not automatically view supporters of fringe theories as "the enemy". He argues that the world has ceased to be flat in a number of ways. The third flattener, the Workflow software, allowed work to flow fluently.

The first is the collapse of the Berlin Wall. These enthusiasts often edit primarily or entirely on one topic or theme. Dissent is being suppressed by the scientific establishment [4]. They may demand that every statement of fact should be attributed, no matter how universally accepted. Some marginal theories are fringe science and some are pseudo-science, but Wikipedia is not in the business of calling the shots as to where these stand except where reliable sources clarify those differences.

Rosencrantz was tremendously rude about scientists who claimed the Earth was round. NOT"accepted knowledge".

Second, because science generally ignores pseudoscience, it is often very difficult to find reliable sources that describe some pseudoscientific view as pseudoscientific. This is not a scientific evidence and is therefore mere opinion.

They provide the secretions that keep the population in line, believing in things like the Earth is round and buildings exist.

Why the Earth is actually 100% flat

There must be current, reliable and independent sources substantiating claims that the Earth is flat. It is claimed that the reader will not understand the idea unless it is described without criticism, since Wikipedia is an encyclopedia for the general public, not a technical journal.

The book has been taken as a critical update about the effects of globalization, the opportunities it has presented to the empowerment of the individual, its achievement in alleviating poverty, as well as, its impacts on the social, environmental and political scene. But many dedicated fringe advocates are familiar with these policies, and have become expert at gaming them or even using them against neutrally-minded but inexpert editors.

Thus, the following are reliable sources for describing pseudoscience:I.

“The World Is Flat” by Thomas Friedman essay

Summary. The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman intends to warn the environment for governments, businesses and individuals that they must stay informed and learn to become ahead of the trends in order to compete in the ever evolving world.

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Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia cannot claim the earth is not flat Jump to Here are the top ten approaches that might be used by our allegorical Flat Earth advocate to argue that Wikipedia cannot claim "The Earth is not flat": 1.

Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia cannot claim the earth is not flat

However, this essay uses the flat Earth as a metaphor for explaining Wikipedia policy, not to describe any authentic. Essay on The World Is Flat The World is Flat Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments of different nations.

It’s driven by international trade, investment, and aided by information technology. “It’s a Flat World, After All” is a journal by Friedman which was published in In this article, Friedman argues the world is " flat " as a result of globalization; it is also a product of a convergence of personal computer and fiber-optic micro cable and software.

Why the World Is Flat Thomas Friedman credit: Hiroshi Nagai Thirty-five years ago this summer, the golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez was competing in his seventh US Open, played that year at Hazeltine.

Essay on why the world is flat
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