Essay on should there be a retirement age for politicians

Have a nice time thanks. They are allowing younger people to take on more responsibility and exposure to new experiences. First, allowing workers to after they attain 65 years of age is beneficial because it is bound to influence better workplaces.

Politicians must a have retirement age

They can literally breathe fresh air into a profession often associated with age, laborious movement, and tedium. Similarly, countries that struggle with lack of workforce allow people to work more than 60 as 65 or 70 too.

New ideas means youth and experience means the well established politicians both are the subset of a good government. Gandhi ji started a revolution when he was below Jun 27, I think there should not be retirement age rule for politicians.

Indeed, it would appear economical for an organisation to retain its older employees when possible rather than spend time and money on training new workers.

At last I will say that if Mahatma Gandhi is retire at the age of 60 or 65, then it is difficult for India to get independent. Jun 17, This is not good for our country because retirement people take rest after retirement and enjoying his life. So, youth should have to get a chance to work for their nation and fulfil present generation needs.

If there is some retirement age for politicians, then in our country the older citizen have lost their right to stand in the election. Researchers argue that extending working lives is a significant element in the quest to overcome the challenges of an ageing population.

So retirement age for the politicians is necessary. For old people, we have to spend a lot of security expenses. Jan 24, I think there should be no retirement age of politicians. People in politics must have a retirement date.

Yes, I agree with this. Imposing a retirement age rule will ensure that those in office are physically, mentally, and intellectually fit to do so. So we do not have any other option rather than fixing an age for the retirement. When our former president Mr.

Experienced politicians are an asset to the nation who has got the knowledge and expertise to solve the greatest of problems. In some countries, the average worker is obliged to retire at the age of 50, while in others people can work until they are 65 or Jan 10, I think there should be a retirement age for politicians too.

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Abolish Mandatory Retirement Age

Politics is not only depended upon experience but also it depends upon energy, decision making power and last it must be able to handle that pressure. Moreover, the selection of politicians depends on two important factors: Please note that "age" is not equal to experience.

Imagine the reaction of the public if she was made to retire before her death! It is said old is gold, and the adage stands completely true in politics. It can be achieved by setting a retirement age for electoral politics," he said.

Share Sanu George Updated: So the people goes on like this definitely, we can choose a better leader. But if a person in age limit is not doing well then he must be retired because he is not able to do this work. Politicians may also help to maintain diplomatic relations, who may have an impact if they retire.

So retirement age is also good one. May 12, There should be the fixed retirement age for politicians i.

Retirement Age for Politicians

Approximately words This model answer has been prepared by the site developer. I too think that there should be the retirement age in the field of politics also, as there is in every other service.RE: Politicians must a have retirement age -Vishal Vishwanathan (09/01/14) Like every government job, there has to be a retirement age for politicians.

After certain age efficiency will decrease gradually, its a common factor. They should move out for providing opportunity for youngsters.

There are several reasons why the mandatory retirement age should be abolished. First, allowing older staff to work would encourage a far-reaching approach to issues like flexibility, performance and enhancing occupational health.

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Hence, age is not an issue if one is medically and physically fit. All government officials retire at 56 years in the state, while the public sector employees retire at 58 and the central government employees at 60 years.

"When there is a retirement age for all other sections of society, a retirement age should be certainly fixed for politicians. The situation concerning the retirement age is very different in different parts of the world. Some people at the age of 70 or 80 are still in working process, they are taking care of their families, countries and business companies.

The situation with. It's totally undoubtedly that there should not be a age limit for politicians. Because politics need a deep study of country's economic conditions and knowing the society clearly so it will definitely take some time to become a leader in politics.

Should there be a retirement age for politicians?

7th Pay Commission latest news today: Good news for these employees of BJP ruled state.

Essay on should there be a retirement age for politicians
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