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Rice is also second to none in this respect Rice comes next to cotton as foreign exchange earner of the country. English Essay: Cash crops of Pakistan

The rice of Pakistan is liked in the foreign countries. Tobacco is one of the important cash crops of Pakistan Tobacco is one of the important cash crops of Pakistan. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Approximately 50 percent of the farmland was cultivated by tenants, including sharecroppers, most of whom had little security and few rights.

Government officials listed only 3 million hectares, largely in the north, as forested in FY By the government had installed around 15, tube wells. Output in FY reached Observers believed that this trend had continued in the s and early s. Nonetheless, the yield per hectare of around 1.

It is grown in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab. They should be provided all facilities in the villages, so that they may pay full attention to their fields and crops.

Cash Crops of Pakistan

Since cotton is grown extensively in our country cottonseeds are the by-products of this crop. In Marchthe Bhutto government announced further land reform measures, which went into effect in Cropping is seriously affected over a wide area by poor drainage—waterlogging—and by accumulated salts in the soil.

The non-food crops are cash crops. The attitude among almost all farmers is that they should use water when available because it may not be available at the next scheduled turn. Part of the waste results from se pages in the delivery system.

A survey found the water table to be within about three meters of the surface in more than one-half the cropped area in Sindh and more than one-third the area in Punjab.

Owners of expropriated excess land received no compensation, and beneficiaries were not charged for land distributed. Seeds of mustard, sunflower and soybean are grown as cash crops Fruits like mangoes, apples and oranges are also sold abroad, but it is the mangoes which top list.

After passing through these channels, water is directed onto the fields of individual farmers whose water rights are based on long-established social and legal codes.

Our farmers grow this crop a Sot. No irrigated farming generally gives low yields, and although the technology exists to boost production substantially, it is expensive to use and not always readily available. Moreover, farmers have little understanding of the most productive applications of water during crop-growing cycles because of the lack of research and extension services.

After a ten-year transitional period, the treaty awarded India use of the waters of the main eastern tributaries in its territory—the Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej rivers. The importance of cash crops may be stressed from one more angle of vision. Production in FY was Its leaves are called the golden leaves.Cash Crops of Pakistan.

Cash Crops of Pakistan Outline 1. Introduction. 2. Cotton, rice, oil seeds and fruit, are the major cash crops of Pakistan Cotton is the silver fiber of cash crops Rice of Pakistan is liked much in the foreign countries.

5. The world's famous Tobacco Virginia is cultivated in Peshawar. Food crops of pakistan with pakistan lies in his early days both cash crops.

My country pakistan studies, such as popularly called cash crops in urdu also took root in urdu essay old testament essay movie characters writing ppt. Ii inflation. Ceasetoexist84 views 9: a new york and sugarcane, pakistan fall between table. Read on essay will do. Cash Crop Of Pakistan Essay quotes - 1.

By furthering the use of ethanol, farmers are presented with the opportunity to produce a cash crop by collecting their agricultural wastes.

Read more quotes and sayings about Cash Crop Of Pakistan Essay. Agriculture cash crops, least attention has been paid to improving yield. Poor yield is the outcome of absentee landlords, limited availability of agriculture credit, bad crop Words; 5 Pages; Burning More Green For Prohibition The war on drugs in the United States has been going on since President Reagan was in office.

Now, list of cash crops of Pakistan entails five main cultivations, namely cotton, rice, tobacco, fruits and vegetables and seed oils.

Cotton is the most significant in generating high revenues and is cultivated through Punjab and Sindh. Introduction Pakistan is an agricultural Country. Cotton the main cash crop of Pakistan.

Agriculture in Pakistan

Rice is also second to none in this respect. Sugarcane brings foreign exchange for us.

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Tobacco is one of the important cash crops of Pakistan. Seeds of mustard, sunflower and soybean are grown as cash crops.

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