An overview of the worst hindu muslim clash in india in 2002

The court passed strictures against the police for failing to protect the people under their escort and failing to identify the attackers they had seen. What can you tell him? NHRC also expressed "widespread lack of faith" in the integrity of the investigation of major incidents of violence.

Many victims, like the relatives of 14 year-old Naved, have never been found. Its only cure is operation. The historian Gyanendra Pandey described these attacks as state terrorism, saying that they were not riots but "organized political massacres. Democracy and free market capitalism seemingly won the battle over Communism and state-controlled markets, but we now know that the challenges to democratic governance are many.

There were also media reports that political leaders gave those being released public welcomes. A shoot-to-kill order was issued.

2002 Gujarat riots

Pal predicted that Hindu civilization will side with the Judeo-Christian West in its war against Islamic and Chinese civilizations.

So, how should one deal with these aggressive and intolerant religions?

Hindu-Muslim Conflict in India

India says that Pakistan is supporting the insurgency by providing weapons and training to fighters, terming attacks against it in Kashmir "cross-border terrorism".

Stories vary on what provoked the incident but in the end, 58 Hindus, most of them women and children, were burned alive. The Editors Guild of India, in its report on media ethics and coverage on the incidents stated that the news coverage was exemplary, with only a few minor lapses.

A series of Kashmir-specific CBMs are also agreed to including the approval of a triple-entry permit facility. They tell us to get out of this country.

India is the birthplace of Hinduism, approximately 2, years ago. The train attack sparked some of the worst religious violence seen in India since it was partitioned in by the departing British. The Supreme Court also lambasted the Gujarat government as "modern day Neros" who looked elsewhere when innocent women and children were burning and then interfered with prosecution.

After the massacre Gulbarg remained in flames for a week. Marxism is on the wane in most parts of the world but not in India, where Marxists collaborate with Islamists and Christian fundamentalists to subvert Hindu pluralist traditions.May 05,  · Attacks on India's minority Muslims by Hindu vigilantes mount.

India and mostly Muslim Pakistan have long fought over the region because of competing territorial claims. - Britain, as part of its pullout from the Indian subcontinent, divides it into secular (but mainly Hindu) India and Muslim Pakistan on August 15 and 14 respectively.

The partition causes one. AHMEDABAD: Indian police fired tear gas to break up clashes between Hindu and Muslim mobs in Narendra Modi’s heartland of Gujarat on the eve of his swearing in as prime minister, officials said.

Clash of Civlizations: A Hindu Response. Certain sections of the Muslim society at present win easy acceptance among gullible believers around the world for their monopolistic claims to represent God. (“Hinduism and the Clash of Civilizations”, ) that India is a sacred land whose kings and people did not seek to conquer others.

Jan 29,  · Serious [ BBC News ] Beware of Indian: Hindu vs Muslim Clash Coming Soon To Pro-Indian Immigrant Singapore. Thread starter grandtour; Start date Jan 29, Hindu and Muslim groups have blamed each other for the violence.

"A group of young people had organised a rally when they were stopped from shouting 'long live India' in a Muslim area. Violence against Muslims in India; Incidents; Gujarat riots; Moradabad riots Over 10, people have been killed in Hindu-Muslim communal violence since in 6, instances of communal violence between and The trial of the case was transferred by the Supreme Court of India in from Ghaziabad to a Sessions.

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An overview of the worst hindu muslim clash in india in 2002
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