A review of sick around the world a film by t r reid and jon palfreman

Virtually alone among health care commentators in the U. Reich, and Frederick W. Reid also reports a very good personal experience of health care while living in both Japan and Great Britain. Great Britain has a public entity that makes decisions about coverage, e. Sweden is more homogeneous than us.

Below is a small sampling of their comments. The film makes it easy to see why. Together, they created the fictitious high school student Joseph David Oznot, who applied for, and gained admission to Princeton. The lament of "free-market" conservatives like Morton Kondracke is the feared "disappearance of private health insurance.

Reid in his documentary Sick Around the World. In the first film, Reid gave an accurate portrayal of several single-payer health systems overseas. In the fall ofReid and three other Princeton sophomores—Arthur F. Talcott plus Columbia University sophomore Charles A.

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What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West, which argued that Confucian values of family devotion, educationand long-term relations, which still permeate East Asian societies, contributed to their social stability.

Career[ edit ] Reid, a Classics major at Princeton Universityserved as a naval officertaught, and held various positions before working for The Washington Post.

In Great Britain, he relates that his family received very good care from a doctor who lived on the block and made house calls. Belgium is smaller than us. Germans are more willing to pay higher taxes than us. You can join the discussion at http: A Business Philosophy for the 21st Century.

The first two countries visited were the United Kingdom and Japanwhere he had previously lived, worked, and also received medical care.

Alas, that was not to be the case. A key difference between the U. While some of the serious problems of that faltering model are pointed out, viewers are nonetheless left with the impression that mandates may be the way to go.

‘Sick Around America’ disappoints

And yet the new film also puts these drawbacks in their rightful context. He notes that universal care could begin at the state or federal level. And then Colorado will lead our great nation to a destination we should have achieved long ago; high-quality health care, at reasonable cost, for every American.

Naysayers who project stratospheric costs for health care reform still less than corporate bailouts remain willfully ignorant about numerous federal and state studies now more than 20 that have demonstrated billions of dollars of savings with a single-payer model of health care reform that could provide comprehensive coverage for all.

Many reform advocates hoped this new documentary would discuss single payer as an option for the United States, too, particularly given its popularity among the U. The national insurance of most of these countries is covered by a sliding-scale tax or social insurance payment.

But the opposite is true too. To the extent that any reform proposal is cited as a possible pathway for change, it is the flawed, mandates-based Massachusetts model. Oh, how far the U. The film draws a sharp contrast between five other capitalist countries where everyone receives needed health care without risking bankruptcy and the fragmented non-system of U.

Sick around the world

When Taiwan designed a new health care system in after studying health care in 15 other countries, they discounted the U. A few years ago, when Taiwan decided to revamp its health care system, it studied other countries to determine which system might work best.

Frontline publishes a blog of viewer comments on its documentaries, and a number of PNHP members and other single-payer supporters were quick to express their disappointment.Apr 15,  · Directed by Jon Palfreman.

With Ahmed Badat, Tony Blair, Jeremy Cadle, Hongjen Chang. Given the problems facing the U.S. health care system, Frontline looks at other leading capitalist democracies to see how their health care systems operate and whether those systems could be adapted for reform in the United States/10(53).

SICK AROUND THE WORLD Airdate: April 15, PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY Jon Palfreman. WRITTEN BY Jon Palfreman and T.R. Reid. CORRESPONDENT T.R. Reid. EDITOR Jon Neuburger.

CO-PRODUCER Kate. Apr 15,  · One area “Sick Around the World” doesn’t explore is the one that probably makes many Americans — those well above the poverty line, anyway — most nervous about the idea of medical.

T. R. Reid (born Thomas Roy Reid III in ) is an American reporter, Sick Around the World, It argued that Reid had misrepresented the role of a key respondent in the film, the extent of Reid's role in making the film, and the balance PBS had sought to present.

Reid used his right of reply to challenge PBS's characterization of their. 'Sick Around the World': Contrasting U.S. Health Care with 5 Other Capitalist Countries Pascal Couchepin tells journalist T.R.

Reid in his documentary Sick Around the World. Couchepin echoes. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Frontline: Sick Around the World at ultimedescente.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

A review of sick around the world a film by t r reid and jon palfreman
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